Continuing to study or going to work

Every year when the graduation season is approaching, almost every graduate will be faced with a choice which is will you continue to study or go to work? It’s not only a difficult choice but also an important choice. Which choice you will choose will have profound impacts on your future and career. So, the analysis next may provide some help for you.

Point 1: Your choice now will have an impact on your planning for the future.

Continuing to study means you will study further to get a master’s degree or maybe a doctor’s degree. For a long time, your future will be filled with professional knowledge, experiment, scientific research and so on. However, when you go to work, you may think about interpersonal relationship, you may think about work experience. Anyway, your choice makes the future plan different.

Point 2: Your choice will also have an impact on your economic conditions.

If you choose to continue to study, your economic source will come from research funding and scholarship. If you go to work, you will get a stable salary. And according to your work experience and performance, you will get promoted and a higher salary. By contrast, the ones go to work will have a better economic condition than the ones continue to study.

Point 3: Your choice will, of course, have a great impact on your future job opportunities.

Generally, undergraduates are less competitive in finding jobs than postgraduates. But the earlier you work, the more work experience you will get.

These are just personal views. Your life is in your hand. You should be clear about all the possible impacts of your choice before you make the final decision.