The importance of building trust between teachers and students

According to some plausible studies, nowadays, the gap between teachers and students is getting bigger and bigger. In other words, teachers and students don’t trust each other. Like financial crisis, trust crisis spread widely in campus caused many problems such as losing passion of teaching and interest of studying. So,the key of solving this crisis is to make them realize the importance of building trust.

Imaging this, if you don’t trust doctors, you will never recover when you are sick; if you don’t trust lawyers, you will never get justice when you are under injustice. So, the whole society is based on trust. However, if teachers trust students,teachers will be more willing to share knowledge with students; if students trust teachers, students can interact with teachers better and acquire more knowledge from teachers. More importantly, the feeling of trust can bring us pleasure. Why not choose to trust each other?

Teachers improve professional attainments and help students solve problems. Students throw away their prejudice of teachers and communicate with teachers.Consequently, teachers and students build trust and everything will get better and better.