The Pianist

The story takes place during World War II. In 1939, Germany invaded Poland, and only 27 days later, Poland fell down. The German Nazis restrict the Jews living in Warsaw to a small living area, and the pianist in the film is no exception. In the Jewish ghetto, when the pianist sees the German soldiers brutally killing an unarmed disabled old man, when he sees a child is killed for just stealing food to survive, he wants to help them but nothing he can do. At that time, he often plays the piano in a Jewish coffee shop to calm his mood down. A friend of the pianist asks him if he wants to be a policeman to help the Germans manage the Jews, so that at least he can survive. Of course, he refuses. Soon, the Germans transport the Jews to the concentration camp. In fact, they are going to die. But the friend saves him in the name of policeman. After that he finds a Polish resistance organization which provides him shelter and arranges for a comrade to send him food regularly. But the comrade uses his name to collect money and finally escapes. Later, he is helped by a woman who appreciated his music. But the good days don’t last long, her family have to leave Warsaw for a safer place. Without the help of others, he has to leave the German district and returns to the Jewish ghetto that had become ruined. One night he meets a German officer in ruins. The pianist is totally scared, but the German officer doesn’t want to kill him. He says:” who are you? What do you do? What are you doing here?” The pianist replied in fear:” My name is Szpilman. I am a pianist. I am looking for food here.” There is just a piano in the ruins. The German officer asks him to play the piano. At first, due to weakness and fear, he plays very slowly. But the more he plays, the more energetic he becomes. He pours out all the hardship and cruelty of the war that had lasted so long through the piano. In consequence of their conscience, the officer doesn’t kill him, but helps him until the Germans retreats.

In this film, there are good Jews and bad Jews. There are good Poles and bad Poles. There are good Germans and bad Germans. The humanity of each person is completely exposed in the face of war. Although the film name is “The Pianist”, it is not about the psychic life of the pianist, but through the pianist, an ordinary person, a desperate person to tell the war and the humanity. The film ranked 38th on IMDb with a score of 8.5. It is worth watching.



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