Stressful life for children

Today, I read a report which says that the children have had more pressure than before in recent years. And the pressure mainly comes from their parents who tend to expect too much from their children.

There are some reasons to explain this phenomenon and also some advice.

Reason No.1: The harsh reality.

Obviously, the rules of society are cruel. If you don’t fit in with it, you will be abandoned by it. But they are too young to get into the society.  Parents should focus on their physical and mental health to help them grow up.

Reason No.2: The peer pressure.

Parents always say:” Don’t let our child lose on the starting line.” So, they sign up lots of extra classes for their children to make their children more competitive than  the peers. It’s totally wrong. Life is like a marathon, success doesn’t depend on the starting line, it depends on how we run it.

Reason No.3: Parents’ love for their children.

Yes, of course. Any parents love their children. But it’s too much. Children need some personal space and privacy. And parents should believe in them and let them go because they have own thoughts and they can do things without parents.

Anyway, to set reasonable expectations for the kids is not easy, but is worth trying. Let our children to be themselves and happy.



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